Andy goldsworthy icicle star with saliva?

i have an essay due in tomorrow that i got given today and its about andy goldsworthy the scottish nature artist and his work on icicle star,with saliva and i cant find any sites that have enough information on him.links would be appreciated :)ill try answer yours if you try answer mine:)xx

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3 Responses to “Andy goldsworthy icicle star with saliva?”

  1. ureter says:

    DUDE That is one of the most useless answers ever. In this type of forum, you should actually provide answers. It’s Yahoo ANSWERS. Report Abuse

  2. meder says:

    If you can’t find information on him you can’t write an essay, and are thus exempt from having to participate till information is made available.

  3. rialland says:

    there are plenty of videos of his art work and films he has done in the past Report Abuse