Hacktivism, good or evil?

Hey I am doing an essay on hacktivism, specifically Anonymous and other groups. So I was wondering what people’s opinions are of them; Are they brave and heroic like they say they are? Or are they terrorists or evil criminals like the media often portrays them?Please let me know what you think, the more detail the better, thanks in advance

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3 Responses to “Hacktivism, good or evil?”

  1. pocketbooks says:

    Criminals are criminals, what else you need to know .

  2. regrettably says:

    There are many different groups out there that think differently, some of them (including anonymous) don’t all think the same thing either. Unless they all agree on a certain cause, not all of them will be involved.It also depends whether they’re out to make a beneficial change or just disrupt services for everyone else to make a point. They can be good or evil, but it depends on the individual, never the group.

  3. fakirism says:

    They have been called criminals and terrorists but you need to see for yourself. Check out the article in the source. I think you will get a good idea about who anonymous are and how ‘they’ work.