What are some reasons as to why pit bulls should not be banned?

I am doing an essay and I need at least 3 reasons why pit bulls should not be banned. I have one reason: It's the way the dog is raised that makes it violent. What are some other reasons?

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13 Responses to “What are some reasons as to why pit bulls should not be banned?”

  1. reimbark says:

    Because if we ban pit bulls today, where does it end? I was bit by a schnauzer as a kid and since then have always been uncomfortable around them. How would the schnauzer people like it if I lobbied to ban their breed? Because as an American I have the right to own a dog. I have the right to choose the breed of dog I own. The government should not have any say in whether I own a pit bull or a labrador retriever.Because ALL dogs, regardless of breed, are capable of biting when mistreated, poorly bred, poorly socialized, etc.Because most people can’t even pick a pit bull out of a line up to begin with: [external link] …

  2. Pallas says:

    Because it is judging a whole breed rather than the individual incident (and the owner!). It is like saying all Egyptians are evil, for example, which would of course be ridiculous and untrue.The ban ignores that other types of dogs can be just as aggressive as the MINORITY of pit bulls and can do as much damage.

  3. incarn says:

    1) Because blaming the dog (and removing the breed in question) removes owner/human responsibility in the event of a bite.2) Any dog can bite and aggression is not breed specific.3) Remove one breed and bite cases will rise in another, then another, and then another.4) The term “pit bull” was created by the government when they realized there were over 20 breeds that look similar. The only dog with “pit bull” in it’s name is “The American Pit Bull Terrier”, and it is not always the one responsible for an attack (American Staffordshire terriers, some mastiffs, the Cane Corse, etc are all lumped under the “pit bull” term when they are all separate breeds…. so the “pit bull” gets all the blame even though it is not always the dog in question.) [external link] … [external link] … [external link] cases on non-PitBull incidents (i compiled them all myself): [external link]

  4. bullback says:

    that there is aome good resion the pit bulls are banned cuz dumb ******* who dont cear about there daogs a fight them are the ones who made them be banned! Report Abuse

  5. undersets says:

    They should be banned! This dog is vicious and very horrible.People buy them and then they don’t look after them so they are taken away. Go to any dog shelter most of the dogs there are pit bulls.

  6. xpixmap says:

    1. Banning doesn’t work. Since only law-abiding citizens follow the rules, and they are the ones most likely to be conscientious dog owners, banning only puts the “banned” breeds in the hands of law-breakers, and will also limit their ability to get proper vet care for their dogs. 2. Banning doesn’t work. Look at prohibition. Look at the Cuban-US boycott. 3. Banning doesn’t work. If you ban one breed, those that want a “tough” dog will just go on to the next breed, and ruin it too. Dangerous dog legislation works.4. Banning doesn’t work. I live in an area with BSL – and it does work, since there is no money to enforce it. Funding animal control works. Education works. Get my point?

  7. nonreprehensible says:

    There is only one reason – because you don’t blanket blame the Breed …… any breed! You blame the Deed. End of!

  8. unibracteate says:

    Pit bulls are not just used as fight dogs by fighting rings, they have also been trained to be search and rescue dogs, they are great with children, they are very intelligent, though a little stubborn, and very loving IF they are not raised to be aggressive.Don’t hate the breed. Hate the deed. People seriously need to do more research about the breed to be able to make an informed decision about them instead of going off of all the hype in the news.

  9. MOD-IRX says:

    They are used for fighting because they want to make their owner happy. So if you have them and don’t fight them they are going to want to make you happy.

  10. Antipathida says:

    They can be bred and trained to be good with children

  11. harrems says:

    Perhaps you could mention discrimination, about passing judgements on the acts of few, instead of many. Perhaps you could also mention Gage the Pit bull who was shot by his neighbour last year, and perhaps also Popsicle who was put in a freezer at a house and survived and became a police dog :D

  12. whipship says:

    I can’t think of any good reason why pit bulls should not be banned.

  13. terzo says:

    I don’t think the breed should be banned….IT”S THE A**HOLES that breed them to fight that should be banned! I really think they are one of the most loyal breeds of dogs..I wonder what those people that breed them for fighting would think if we threw them in the ring! I know this answer has nothing to do with your question.I just had to put in my 2 cents..