Why shouldnt the book to kill a mockingbird be banned in schools?

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6 Responses to “Why shouldnt the book to kill a mockingbird be banned in schools?”

  1. savoire says:

    the book to kill a mocking is an award winning book, it teaches to stonge morals and how not to hate.

  2. salicyl says:

    Another argument is that we live in a society that holds Free Speech most precious. As such, we must protect that right. Any time a book is banned, our Free Speech is threatened. If one book is banned, it creates a precedence for banning other books.We always have the choice to read, or not to read, anything of our choosing. It is not for any body or part of the government to choose for us.

  3. ammoniuria says:

    if you are writing an essay on that topic, just counter it and ask and answer why should it

  4. henrion says:

    This book is a timeless classic and it shows the reader what times were like back then. How racism had taken over and corrupted the minds of many individuals. It shows young readers that you should never be too quick to judge. This book teaches great lessons in important morales.

  5. patesi says:

    because it’s a great book that informs us of controversies that occured in the past and were not resolved correctly. it shows us to learn from the legal mistakes committed in past years due to racism. build on this

  6. Heroides says:

    Amendment One–the right to free speech. As for whether the school should authorize buying it, that’s a decision made by administrators. I don’t believe books should be banned, but I don’t buy books with which I have a problem about content or grammar or word choices. The book is a fair representation of 1930s America, not our proudest moment, but not our worst. It should be judged on its merits, and is therefore an example of how even the average person has to deal with situations that occur.