Please help me write my essay?

Essay 1—Fairy Tales in the Real World (Sorrowful woman Gail Godwin)Disney would have us believe that all stories have happy endings. Cinderella gets not just the prince, but a happy marriage in a peaceful kingdom as well. Clown fish survive journeys over hundreds of miles of oceans to be reunited with family. Mermaids can not only speak English, but also the language of the merpeople, and they can decide whether they want to live under the sea or on the land.Here in the real world, we know that many stories have much different endings. The shoe breaks, fish get flushed down the toilet, and mermaids don’t exist at all. So, how do we reconcile these two disparate notions? How do we make sense of a world where we expect perfection but get imperfection? Using examples from at least one fairy tale and one fiction piece we’ve read already or are going to read, explain how the fairy tales meld with actual life to give us these "real" stories. Explain how elements from traditional fairy tales are present in these stories, and how they have been manipulated to make the story more realistic. Explore these relationships in 2-3 typed, double-spaced, critically written pages. These are only examples of topics and ideas you could explore for this essay. Feel free to use one of them or to tweak one of them or to create one of your own based on an idea you have. Please confirm with me the general topic you want to write about and the point you intend to make.1. Traditionally, fairy tales begin with "Once upon a time" and end with "And they lived happily ever after." How does "A Sorrowful Woman" fit the strictures of a fairy tale? Where does it depart? Why? I want to use Cinderella and Sorrowful Woman.

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  1. antipatheticalness says:

    do your own homework, slacker.. in the time you typed out that page you could have been half done.

  2. vade says:

    Begins with Once Upon a Time, Once long ago, Long, long ago etc.Story setting is usually in a castle, forest , or townStory has good / nice charactersStory has mean / bad charactersMany of the characters are animals or members of royaltyStory has magicStory has the numbers 3 or 7 in itStory has a problemProblem in the story is solvedGood wins / outsmarts badEnding is “happily ever after”In order for a story to be a Fairy Tale it must have most of these characteristics – 6 or more.Now take these characteristics and find them in both stories. Make a chart for both stories.

  3. lambed says:

    Well, Cinderella fits the fairytale structure as stated here. I have not read A Sorrowful Woman by Gail Godwin. It sounds like all you need to do is okay with your teacher to do it on these two works. However, your teacher will want you to tell HOW you are comparing them. Here are some questions to ‘ask yourself’ (after reading both). This will enable that comparison. 1. Although Cinderella fits the typical fairy tale structure, does A Sorrowful Woman begin and end this way, as well?…(Once upon a time, happily ever after).2. Does A Sorrowful Woman (character) have as much spunk as Cinderella in the challenges she faces?3. How does A Sorrowful Woman receive the help she is offered (if she gets help)?4. How do each of the main characters in each story react to and deal with hatred and disappointment?5. Which story did you enjoy reading the most? Why? Which has the most harsh reality?6. Which main character do you like and identify with the most? Why?7. What conclusions can you draw about these characters and types of stories? Compare first; draw conclusions, second. You will have trouble answering all these questions, making observations, and explaining your observations while keeping the length to only 2-3 pages. So, only tell what parts relate to your main thesis sentence point (your conclusion and reason for writing about them both). Good luck on your essay!