Can someone help me with a six paragraph essay please?

Okay so I just have to write a six paragraph essay. 3 pages longThis is my outline:Introduction: WWWWW plus a thesisWho: literally, about whom are you writingWhat: what is the thematic focus of your essayWhere: When: Why: thesisFour body paragraphs:One on the social/economic historic background (summary in your own words with one illustrative quote from one of the readings)One on the motives (personal) for segregation: two quotes from different readingsOne on the justifications segregation (legal and ethical): two quotes from separate readingsOne on the motives for integration: two quotes from separate readingsUse at least five different articlesAnd a summary conclusionSeven integrated quotesThis is my introducton paragraph In America during the 1800's when the school system was jost begining segregation was the primary system of student organization. This system of segregation was not isolated to schools it also took place at work and recreation invironmentally; which segregated Mexicans, Asians and African Americans from the Anglo Americans.This is what I have so far to start with for my introduction thesis. What do you think?I'm having trouble thinking what to write for my body paragraphs even though I have read five different articles that pertain to this I feel like I'm hitting a wall. How shold I go about this?

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