Language arts essay on arguments?

i need an introduction and conclusion for my language arts essay due tom. we only had 2 days to come up with a 5 paragraph essay is about how students shouldn't purchase soda and candy at schoolparagraph 1 is the introparagraph 2 is about how the prices r too expensiveparagraph 3 is about how parents don't approve of itparagraph 4 is about how its unhealthy and causes obesity paragraph 5 is the conclusion CAN U PLEASE HELP ME WITH THE CONCLUSION AND THE INTRO.... I WONT COPY YOURS I JUST NEED AN EXAMPLE BECAUSE THAT PART IS REALLY CONFUSING

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  1. screaked says:

    The intro starts with the big picture. You could start with something about how many schools have already banned soft drinks and candy, but many students feel they should be able to eat and drink whatever they want. Then you statement your thesis, which tells the topic and the stand that you are going to take- that it is beneficial to students for soft drinks and candy to be banned.Then you should hit with your strongest argument, which is the health factor. It’s not only obesity- there’s a rapidly rise in the rate of young people with diabetes and heart disease. It’s been said many times that yours is the first generation that may not live as long as your parents, largely because of the unhealthy food. Conclusions are tough, but a good way to conclude is the “call to action”. That could either be a statement about how your school should ban those things, if they haven’t already, or it could tell your listeners that they should make healthier choices, regardless of the availability in school.