**FILM MUSIC – suggestions for a piece of university work please :) **?

I am studying music in my 3rd year at university and one of my modules is Music in Film,therefore we have to watch a film, make a time line (so note any important features of the music, why it does it, effect on the film etc) and then write an essay using texts and examples to back up why it does what it does... so very analytical indeed!Its worth 50% of my module and I really want to do well,only thing is i'm not sure what movie to do, any suggestions?Heres a list of the ones we're not allowed to do;A Perfect Day A River runs through it Another fine mess Batman (Elfman)Blazing saddlesCarmenCasablancaChicagoThe English PatientForbidden PlanetThe Ghost and Mrs.MuirThe Good, the Bad and the UglyGreaseKing Kong (first version)Modern TimesMy Favourite Blond.Now, Voyager PsychoShall we dance?Stranger on a TrainThe GraduateVertigoWritten on the windTHANK YOU!xx

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  1. gloudon says:

    The Lord of the Rings and The Matrix are two where music really plays a role in the movie(s). It can set the pace and/or flow of the whole scene.