Which of the following statements uses setting to reveal a competitive character?

a) Susan wants to win every game she plays.b) Aaron enters an essay contest.c) Maxine plays basketball every chance she gets.d) Todd's room is decorated with posters of race cars and athletes.

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2 Responses to “Which of the following statements uses setting to reveal a competitive character?”

  1. periodontoclasia says:

    Well Statement A certainly demonstrates Susan’s competitive nature because it shows that whenever she plays a game, she is aiming to win. HOWEVER, this is NOT implied by the setting.Statement D uses setting to imply that Todd has a competitive personality. Setting is a description of the location so in this case, the setting is Todd’s room, which is ‘decorated with posters of race cars and athletes’. We associate race cars and athletes with competition. That Todd has posters of competitive things on his wall, it suggests that Todd himself is also a competitive person because he, perhaps, is inspired by these competitive figures.So in my view, Statement D is the answer to your question.

  2. sherrow says:

    I would say A based on the phrase “every game she plays.”