How fun would this essay be to write?

i'm not saying essays are fun, no siree. but would it be funner in comparison? for english class we have to write an essay about an archetype, and i want to choose the tragic hero. we have to pick from archetypes like water, sun and colours and lame stuff, so i thought it would be cooler to do one about actual people and the stuff they do.the books we have to use are hamlet, oedipus and catch-22. do you think it would be possible to find examples of the tragic hero in those books? and in your opinion do you think it would be boring or interesting to write this essay? thanks.

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  1. undercrawl says:

    Oedipus has sex with his mom. If that’s not tragic I don’t know what is.

  2. pulicene says:

    Water, sun, and colors don’t sound like archetypes; they sound like symbols or motifs. Tragic hero is an archetype, and a damn good one. I haven’t read Catch-22, unfortunately, but certainly I would consider the protagonists of Hamlet and Oedipus Rex to be tragic heroes.Personally, I hate writing essays about literature, so, for me, this would not be fun. Your experience may be different, though.