Film and television history help please.?

I have just begun this course, and am beginning to feel I have chosen the wrong one this year towards my OU degree in history, or I may be panicing because it is new to me. My problem is I have to write an essay which asks me to ' critically evaluate the four approaches to film history with reference to one or more films studied'. The four approaches being Aesthetic film history, the formative and realist approach (the film Citizen Kane); social film history (Cape fear 1961 version and the recent version); Economic film history (Titanic) and technological film history. Should I approach my essay in four seperate parts(I only have 2000 wrd limit), or try to bring in each approach to the films I have studied, finding arguments for and against these approaches. I am still a bit confused about the formative approach, and also the technological concept of montage. I am really stuck on how to plan my arguments for this, I do have some ideas, but would be grateful for any guidance.

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  1. stomatoscopy says:

    I don’t know anything about your subject but I know that essays follow the same basic formula. It takes a while to crack but once you do your grades shoot up. Most of good essay writing is about practise and structure – even (and I’m not saying it will be) your first mark isn’t great, use the feedback given to you to improve. The grades in my first year were really bad, but after practise they really improved. All I know is make sure you reference properly or your grades drop like crazy.One technique I learnt is to study for 20 minutes and rest for 10 to keep your mind fresh.Try the links below. They were just one of many.Goodluck

  2. completenesses says:

    If you are an OU student you should contact your tutor for advice. Do you attend any classes at your local college? You may find other people are having the same worries.In my experience the OU will provide you with all the help you need. Don’t be too embarrassed to ask.Good luck. x