Why pit bulls should not be banned from states?

Okay im doing a persuasive essay on Why pit bulls should not be banned from states..I need some help. I believe its how there raised on why they attack or don't attack but i need more information about why they shouldn't be getting banned.

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  1. corrigent says:

    no matter how u rais a pit bull he will always have an Aggrisive gene but that gene can be controled with some propper trainingand pit bulls r one of the best dogs with children,Pit bulls r Strong and if trained propperly they won’t attack randomly they can protect children or protect ur house hold

  2. catalyzer says:

    If you band a pitbull you might as band every other dog. Pitbulls are like any other dog they are really smart But some ignorant people believe that they are viscous and that they turn on you. ANY DOG CAN TURN ON YOU EVEN CHIHUAHUAS! just because stupid people decide to use their pitbulls as fighting dogs doesn’t mean that they are viscous horrible dogs. I have had pitbulls around me since i was a baby and they are exellent pets.

  3. WCCO-TV says:

    They are dogs which in return are like robots you program the way you want them. If you want them mean then most likely the will turn mean but they are great dogs and babysitters when trained right.

  4. unmelodramatic says:

    This breed should not be banned anymore than a Jack Russell Terrier should.Pits are wonderful dogs, it’s the people that is training them to fight to be aggressive guard dogs, the people should be banned from owing them, not the dogs being banned all across the US.I think people that sell this breed should be by law required to have to have a special registry,and their kennels or dogs have to be approved before they can be sold to anyone….and the people that buy them, should have to be registered and the dogs checked on regularly to make sure they are not being trained for aggressiveness.I know this is a far fetched dream, but if we can regulate all the criminals and have them on registers to watch them, why can’t it be done for the Pits as well, this would protect the breed and stop the banning of any breed that is banned.They are a sweet breed and are in the news all the time for attacks, and just the other day, it was on the Net, on Yahoo, that one had saved a woman from her ex-husband it was a post and a video on here, so why can’t we return the favor and save them….they deserve the respect….

  5. nephrostoma says:

    Well the reson pit bulls are said to be vicious is because, its the people who abuse them and make them horrible animals and have them sen to shelters,and people are afraid,but its just the orginal owners fault

  6. blancher says:

    1. BSL is discriminatory and goes against basic civil rights/liberties (right to due process)2. BSL does nothing to reduce the number of dog bites or attacks [external link] …3. BSL is expensive, time consuming, and difficult to enforce (which breeds/mixes are “pit bulls” or “pit bull type” dogs, which are not). 4. BSL creates a false sense of security which can lead to INCREASES in dog bites5. BSL does not prevent or punish cruelty to dogs 6. BSL does not help educate people on the importance of only buying dogs from RESPONSIBLE breeders.7. BSL does not teach children and other at risk groups how to identify situations that might lead to bites (dogs chained up) so they can be avoided8. BSL does not educate people on the importance of socializing and training their dogsThis is one of my favorite analogies for BSL: BSL is like banning SUVs because drunk drivers can do more damage in them than in a geo metro. It does nothing to address the actual problem while simultaneously infringing on the rights of law-abiding citizens.

  7. forride says:

    because they are naturally sweet dogs.i had a pit bull who wouldn’t hurt a fly! they are just trained to fight. and most dogs who are fighting dogs aren’t human aggressive, they just attack other dogs because they get reinforced for doing so. there owner treats them nicely for attacking other dogs! don’t believe me? did anyone watch the episode on animal planet where they took the mike vick fighting pits into the humane society ? they were greeting them wagging their tails and licking their faces! and only ONE of the dogs wasnt adoptable . what does that tell you?

  8. cytogenetically says:

    The image the general public has about pitbulls is based on media bias and pure myth. They are not the monsters the media would have us believe. I’ve been around pitbulls long enough to know they are one of the sweetest breeds. I own three myself. Of course pitbulls have attacked people. But the same is true of all other breeds. A pitbull is no different than any other breed in that sense. When a dog of some other breed attacks someone it does not draw much media attention, but when it’s a pitbull it’s all over the news. This gives the public a false sense of security because it makes us forget about other dogs from different breeds that have a potential for aggression, thus the answer to your question. Aggression towards humans is not an inherent trait of pitbulls. The ones you hear about that attack people represent a very small percentage of the pitbull population. They are raised by bad owners who train them to fight and be aggressive. If you don’t raise them that way then they won’t be aggressive. The average pitbull is very friendly towards people. Belive it or not!

  9. unconvincing says:

    I have heard pit bulls have better temperament than gsd and golden retriever. I don’t think they should be banned; stupid irresponsible people should be banned from having them as pets. if you hear about those attacks, many of these dogs lived in the yard and/or were tied to a chain.

  10. mrbulli says:

    Because banning the breed does not address the PROBLEM (irresponsible owners), it just pretends to be a feel-good “solution”.It’s like putting a Band-aid on a cancer.

  11. lithospermous says:

    Pit Bulls are being banned now state from state. Many people are banning them because they feel that they are a threat to our children, and family. The reason they are called pit bulls…is because they are so strong they were used to take down bulls. They are also banned because many people use them in dog fights. But really, that isn’t the dogs fault. It is the greedy person who wants to make the dogs suffer so they get the money. I also agree with you. Pitbulls should not be banned from the States. Yes, sometimes they may attack people and kids, but that is just their instincts. If people can train them to act properly and not use them in fights…they would actually be really good dogs. And as i said…its not the dogs fault, its the owner. They beat the dog…and yet all that does it make it angry and want to attack. SO, yes pitbulls should be allowed in US. Good luck

  12. kissar says:

    Most people here are gonna give you their opinion, which in a persuasive essay doesn’t mean a damn. You need the cold hard facts: -Look at the dangerous dog acts in the UK, which banned 4 “dangerous” dog breeds. There has since been an 50% INCREASE not DECREASE in the amount of serious dog bites.Yet we in the U.S. cont. to want to ban dog breeds. And in scotland, dog attacks have risen to an astounding 160%. It’s also worthy to note that dog fights and other gang related activity is still a problem in the UK. [external link] …-other reputable studies [external link] …

  13. oblocutor says:

    Typically the people that own them are white trash, atleast the area I live in(sorry to those that are not) And dont care for themselfs let alone a dog. These people are the ones that give the dog a bad name. I own a BlackLab/American Staffordshire Terrier she is the sweetest dog ever, lover not a fighter. She does like to take down a pesky food stealing squirrel once in a while:) Its all about you being a good pack leader! “Another thing to consider is that while this dog is a loving breed to have in a family setting, it does not do well with an owner that is not willing to assert their authority. The American Staffordshire Terrier takes the idea of pack order very seriously, so you will need to find ways to show that you are in charge of it in order to receive respect in return.”

  14. blooming says:

    Research these areas:*Breeding: Badly-bred v. Well-bred dogs. Temperament is very often genetic; that’s why herding dogs herd, Labs like to retrieve, etc. The temperament of the mother is often doubly important, because pups learn behaviors from her. Also, bad breeders often give the pups away too early, so social skills are lacking.*Training: What is the dog encouraged/not encouraged to do? What behaviors have the owners taught the pup?*Socialization: Has the dog been exposed to strangers (at home and away), strange dogs (at home and away), cats (again, at home or away), children, loud noises, etc. Exposure to these things makes them the “norm” and the dog is less likely to “freak out” and react.*Health: Is the dog healthy? This plays an important role in behavior.***Notice how none of those things are breed-specific. They are important factors for ALL dogs***Finally…*Education: Is the owner educated? Do they understand and know that Pit Bull-breeds are originally bred to be dog-aggressive, and they will need to train/socialize to keep this in check? Do they understand they are *terriers* and therefore will have a small-animal prey drive as all terriers do? Do they realize that some Pit Bulls (like several terriers) can have a ‘stubborn’ streak? Do they know how much exercise and mental stimulation the breed needs?______________________________________…Again, that’s just the bare minimum. And mostly questions. But research those things and include them in your paper–they are little-known pieces of information that people must know.**Also, when things become “banned” rights are taken away. That’s enough for some people to fight it. And it’s not just Pit Bulls on the BSL list–there are 75 breeds included on a certain popular list (Labs included) and it will just continue to grow.