What are the positive effects of rock music?

I'm writing an argumentive essay for school. I'm arguing that rock music can actually be a positive outlet for teens. I just need a couple more examples of how it's positive. Any ideas?answers are appreciated :]

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6 Responses to “What are the positive effects of rock music?”

  1. lindackerite says:

    People forget what it’s like to be a teenager. So much is happening to you all at once. Socially speaking, I remember being a complete wreck. Music was all I had. A lot of kids still feel this way. Rock music (all types, from indie to metal) helped me out. it was a sensitive voice when i needed to feel like someone else had already been there. it was amazing almost existential to listen to Slipknot and Norma Jean and have someone else do the screaming for me. I needed this music. People used to think that Jazz was the devil. I listen to my dad’s records and can’t even imagine a time when that was the norm. Music these days, especially alternative and metal provides as sense of community and camaraderie. My friends and I would street team for our favorite bands. Especially when Warped tour came to town. It was something to do and we all felt apart of this club. where no one belonged so we all did. I don’t think I can see how rock is negative. As long as we can realize that we make our own decisions and that it’s all artistic expression, we’ll be fine. It’s not like we can blame all our problems on Marilyn Manson.

  2. blepharoncosis says:

    its amazing

  3. chrysanthous says:

    its an energy release. so if you’re bored instead of going off and getting into drugs or committing crime you can listen to music as an outlet. and its an anger release. if you’re really pissed, instead of resoring to violence, you can blast some good rock music and have yourself a good scream (or cry, whichever comes first)

  4. Serridentinus says:

    -motivates teen to learn a foreign language(if thats the case), learn history ( both band’s and historical events mentioned in a song)-gives you culture. songs talk about a lot of topics, like philosophy, society, government, fantasy, etc. -rock/metal music helps you release excessive adrenaline in your body, thus calming you.-motivates you to learn how to play an instrument, and even form a band.-rock/metal music unites masses in a “brotherhood”those are the most important, summarized. if you want more specific examples, send me a message, ill be glad to help (:

  5. salamon says:

    iT HELPS WHEN YOURE ANGRY.It’s just crazy and I luv it.You can just fall in love with the instruments used and feel the music in you.i know my answer sounds weird but still……..

  6. windoes says:

    Makes more sense than rap music :P