“Spiritual Awakening”?

I recently read a rather interesting essay written by a man about how his life changed it basically sums up to this:I have noticed quite recently of late I am beginning to hate most of my surroundings. It is grinding at me like an itch i cannot scratch. I mostly get joy and happiness from being by myself and not around others. I also find the company of many of the people in my life rather irritating when before i had little or no issue with them. I feel like I have awoken from a sleep and i realise I don't belong where I have awoken".I have a friend who read the same essay (we are in a book club thing) and she claims it is a spiritual awakening of some kind. I don't believe her but she doesn't believe me so i decided to ask here to see what a variety of people think. Thanks =)

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4 Responses to ““Spiritual Awakening”?”

  1. vaportight says:

    Listen to others who had a real spiritual awakening: [external link] … [external link] … [external link] … [external link] …

  2. rachiglossate says:

    Have you seen the south park about Stan being diagnosed with a case of “cynical asshole”?

  3. koblasc says:

    You are becoming depressed.

  4. oldhost says:

    Sounds to me like he needs to get away from everyone for a while. You could call that a spiritual awakening if you like but rational people might just say he’s stressed. Arguably if he spent some time at a religious retreat he’d feel better but that’d be because a religious retreat would be quiet and the chances are high that no one would bother him much. Faking his own death and living like a hermit would have much the same effect.