Katniss Everdeen Character Monologue?

I need help with ideas on starting a character monologue. You have to pretend you are the character and serve as the conscience of the character from the novel (The Hunger Games). It can be in a diary entry, a letter, or just a regular essay. It also says you will pretend to be the character and tell your innermost thought and feelings as that character by using the events in the novel. I was thinking of starting it out where Katniss and Gale are in the woods before the reaping, and explaining how Katniss feels about the reaping. How should I plan it out? Any ideas or tips? Thank you.

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  1. CheckID says:

    That sounds like a great place to start. Put yourself in her shoes. What would your fears be? How would it be to be called up? How would your family survive?Make it a diary entry format. That will be the easiest.

  2. historicocritical says:

    I would include in there any possible fears you had for Prim if you didn’t make it out of the games. Katniss was Prim’s provider so who knows how she would have faired without Katniss. She did have Gale of course…..