Help with thesis statement!?

Hi everyone,I need help with creating a thesis statement. I have a big trouble with this thesis thing. If possible, can someone form a thesis from the informations proceed? "My essay is about catching cricket and how fun it is. Also, how it almost killed me."thanks, i really need the help.

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3 Responses to “Help with thesis statement!?”

  1. contaminator says:

    Criket, the one sport that is both fun and dangerous, makes game play a lot more exciting

  2. nataraj says:

    First of all I would write what you think of the cricket. Why you enjoy catching them and you it almost killed you. An example would be like Crickets can be fun and excting;although a bit dangerous too.

  3. uletic says:

    Cricket, although quite enjoyable to play and fun to watch, can be hazardous for the participants.