What tensions between the U.S. and Soviet Union arose and led to the Cold War?

I'm having difficulties with my essay over the question stated above. The chapter in my book is not very helpful and I know practically nothing over the Cold War. Please be very descriptive because I am almost done with this essay and would like to have it finished already.

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  1. unamply says:

    Sorry to hear you are having trouble. I hope I can help. Firstly, the ideological (beliefs) were complete opposites. S.U-communist and U.S -capitalist and democratic. Also communism exists to overthrow capitalism eventually. With regards to the cause of tension this plays a major part, especially following ww2 and the division of Germany and Europe. SU wanted germany to be in their sphere of influence and communist. Also SU felt they wanted to the germans to pay reparations for invading russia, etc. This was unacceptable to the US who felt if germany went ‘red’ then communism could spread to the whole of europe-domino theory. Berlin was a key point and strategic to control. Berlin was in the area of Germany controlled by the russians but the city was divided zones e.g US zone, etc. There were other factors also involved but the situation in post – ww2 is a starting point of the tensions. Good luck with the essay.