Homework should be banned English essay?

Why should or shouldn't homework be banned ? Xoxo

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3 Responses to “Homework should be banned English essay?”

  1. urethrorrhea says:

    Homework shouldn’t be banned cuz it helps us to do much work & summit it on time, it’s like a practise for our future jobs.It’s also useful to learn more things not just the claswork , i suggest that homework shouldn’t be banned but teachers are not suppose to give alot of homeworks cuz it’s still homework & students need to rest their minds at home.

  2. biennially says:

    homework should be banned because thats why there are schools. home should be the place where you dont have to think about school work unless you want to that way kids would be less stressed and probably do better at school. especially when they are invited to do something fun and they do get home late and dont get the homework done then they go to school feeling crap about themselves and get in trouble and this is not good at building confident kids.

  3. framese says:

    Rethinking Homework [external link] …The pros and cons of homework [external link] … [external link]