Essay-Smoking should be banned in all places-help with structures?

This is the first time i am writing an essay and sadly this have to be 500 words. Therefore i need BIG help from people. Well i am planing to write and essay on “smoking should be banned in all places” (like why i think it should be). Well i have got come points but i don’t know where to fit all the pints in and how to do the intro and i need help with it..peace.. i’ll give my points why..

What should I write for a conclusion on a genocide essay?

Sum up your main points. Sometimes it’s useful to use the expression, “in conclusion,” as it gives your paragraph direction.

I need a good thesis statement?

My essay is about life on the mississippi river in the 1800s working on a steamboat. Heres the first part of my paragraph:”Lots of kids who lived along the Mississippi River in the 1800’s dreamed of becoming a steamboat pilot. Being a steamboat pilot was an ideal job for anyone. Flowing along the river for miles and miles at a time was anyone’s perfect vacation.”

Need help with german.?

How do you say phrases such as “…..from……..”? We haven’t learned phrases like this in class yet and I would like to be able to use this in an essay we have to right next week.An example would be “The ski trail runs from the top of the mountain to the bottom”

I’ve got loads of homework to finish essays ect but it’s really late, how do I keep my mind working?

how do I conquer tiredness to the point where I can think clearly? I really can’t just do it in the morning, I need to do it now.

What should I write about in my essay for In Cold Blood?

Help with a thesis for in cold blood. It must be able to be argued both ways. And b outside the normal. for example- writing an essay on how a lizard is a man’s best friend is more reader catching than writing how a dog is a man’s best friend.

Who are the dodos in the documentary “Flock of Dodos: The Evolution-Intelligent Design Circus?

I’m doing an essay and I have to explain who are the real dodos in the documentary “Flock of Dodos: The Evolution-Intelligent Design Circus” and I have to explain why? I have to decide whether the dodos are the evolutionist or the creationists and then explain why? Any help would be greately appreciated. Thanks a lot!

Cod4 or mw2? whic ones better?

my 3rd time asking after getting no good responses im gonna put this into short words read my other post for my full opinion because i could write a full 4 page essay for school about my mw2 opinion. I bought mw2 a few weeks after christmas 09 and kinda pissed at how noob-friendly and how cheaply made the maps are. the snipers in my opinion suck and alot of the perks and stuff are really gay. why would you honor a guy for sucking at mw2 (deathstreaks)? actually i would because he has a real life but you get the point. just a question post your opinion which one you like better and also if you still play cod4 or mw2 more. i have moved towards bad company 2 but if its one of those its cod4. i have noticed a huge drop of players on xbox live in cod4 from like 300,000 to maybe 10,000 average in the playlists overall and a whopping 58 people in oldschool freeforall (there were only a few thousand normally) and like 300 in teamtact which usually had alot of people.

Would dr jekyll and mr hyde be as effective of its protagonist were female?

essay question how can i write

Applying to Cooper Union Architecture: Do I need to send them an admission essay?

An essay is required per [external link] their admission materials for requirements for the essay. They will probably specify length, topic, and format.